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StarLiX is a technology company that builds data rails for digital payment services.

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Mission & vision

Simplify the transfer and data sharing of compliance and climate change information across transactional value chains to unearth intelligence from the data source to tackle financial crime and ESG related issues for sustainable companies of the 21st century

We believe in creating a supply chain platform whereby regulated and unregulated companies can collect, transfer and share compliance information relevant to the parties across the chain to demonstrate end-to-end transparency.

We are now tackling compliance, and next ESG related data
focusing on the data source.


about us

StarLiX is a technology company that builds data rails for digital payment services. We are aiming our service in particular towards Banking as a Service and virtual payment account providers, who can use our compliance platform to manage their compliance requirements and our digital payment platform to process faster, cheaper and easier payments, nationally and internationally. StarLiX recognises that the development of Banking as a Service means that payment account services can now be delivered to a downstream target market where the clients served are not direct customers of the regulated firm whose financial services license ultimately guarantees the service being provided.  Starlix delivers the required transparency along the payment chain by linking the KYC information of the end users to the transaction data on the payments rail. This information can be instantly provided to banks and regulators when they request it as part of their ongoing monitoring responsibilities. 

20 years of experience in financial services, regulation and FinTech
Chryssi ChorafaFounder, CEO
Chryssi Chorafa
30 years of experience in the FX and payment industry
Faramarz FazeliCo-FOUNDER, CFO
Faramarz Fazeli
30 years of experience in global growth, sales, business development
Hugh FurnessHead of Growth
Hugh Furness
18 years of experience in technology delivery and product strategy
Cosmin MargineanCTO
Cosmin Marginean

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