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Compliance management platform as a service

StarLiX Compliance Platform

StarLiX compliance platform is designed to meet both the expectations of regulators and the requirements of the payments and banking industry. It streamlines, simplifies and consolidates compliance all-in-one place, and provides full compliance visibility of the parties in a chain.

Now, payment account and banking services providers can stay in control, reduce their compliance costs and time, and collaborate with banks and regulators evidencing the relevant information.

The compliance platform has two portals

Administration platform

Payment account and banking as service providers who supply payment accounts to regulated and unregulated firms can:

  • Onboard their clients and clients’ customers with embedded KYB, KYC, AML (PEPs, Sanctions, and Adverse Media)
  • Review, request clarification, approve and reject your clients
  • Have oversight of their clients’ customers onboarding information and transactions
  • Share their clients onboarding with embedded KYB, KYC/AML into transactions to banks and regulators
  • Demonstrate end-to-end compliance throughout their clients’ chain at a click of a button

Operations platform

Payment firms can:


  • Onboard their customers with embedded KYB, KYC, AML (PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media)
  • Review, request clarification, approve and reject their customers
  • Share their customers’ onboarding with embedded KYB, KYC and AML into transactions to banks
  • Demonstrate end-to-end compliance of the involved parties in a payment chain at a click of a button



Banking and payment account providers now:

  • Ensure customers stay compliant
  • Full visibility and compliance control of parties in the chain
  • Reduce compliance costs and save time
  • Streamline, simplify and consolidate compliance processes
  • Ability to collaborate and evidence compliance data to banks and regulators

Tokenised payment platform as a service

StarLiX closed-loop tokenised payment platform

Starlix provides a closed-loop tokenised payment platform, which allows participating firms to instruct each other to make cross-border payments. The closed-loop tokenized payments technology allows instant reconciliation and settlement of all transactions made. 

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Tokenised payment platform

StarLiX closed-loop tokenised payment platform enables payment service providers to have correspondent relationships in other countries where they do not have presence, bypassing correspondent banking, whilst achieving higher regulatory standards.

Tokenised payment platform as a service

The payment account providers who have authorised payment institutions or money transfer companies as clients, can offer their clients a platform to utilise each other’s network and facilitate payout in corridor countries.


Product Benefits

As a payment platform, StarLiX:

  • is unique in having the capability to provide an enhanced messaging that provides significantly more information than SWIFT within your network, 
  • is a payments platform that bypasses correspondent banking and a marketplace for accessing different markets creating win-win opportunities for your clients, and
  • allows participating firms to connect with partners, to facilitate payout in other countries by using the unique closed loop tokenised payment system and its token known as SLX.


The StarLiX team has over 80 years of experience in regulation, technology, payments and compliance. We can offer advice and consultancy services to assess your current compliance systems, controls and data collection, that would suit your regulatory audit reports and internal compliance policy requirements.

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