End-to-end compliance transparency

Simplify and consolidate end-to-end compliance in one place and embed it into transactional chains

Streamline your compliance process

Do you want your compliance process reducing cost and saving time?
Do you want to ensure the parties involved across transactional chains, from the ultimate sender to the ultimate receiver, are compliant?
We provide payment account and banking service providers and their clients with a seamless end-to-end compliance onboarding process that: 
  • Consolidates the compliance information (KYB, KYC, IDV, AML and supporting documentation) of parties in transactional chains all-in-one place
  • Embeds this information into transactions to demonstrate end-to-end compliance transparency up and down the chain


All payment account and banking as a service providers are looking to reduce the fragmented, inconsistent and manual compliance processes that adds time and cost to their compliance teams. With StarLiX:

Reduce compliance costs and save time

Consolidate compliance in one place

Full compliance visibility and control

Comply with regulations

Demonstrate transparency at a click of a button


How can we
help you?

In multi-layered banking and payment services, payment account providers experience:

  • Fear that clients are not compliant
  • Lack of compliance visibility of parties in the chain
  • Lack of compliance oversight and control
  • Loss of time and money due to fragmented, manual, and inconsistent compliance processes
  • Fear of fines and loss of reputation

StarLiX compliance platform offers a two-tier onboarding platform, which enables these providers to onboard seamlessly their clients (businesses) and their client’s customers (either businesses or individuals).

These providers have:

  • oversight of the involved parties across transactional chains, and
  • can at any time evidence the adequate KYC compliance procedures of the involved parties by data sharing, when requested by banking partners and regulators.

Why Is StarLiX different?

StarLiX bridges the gap between compliance information and transactions by providing a holistic and structured compliance platform. Key differentiation points from competitors are:

  • End-to-end compliance visibility of your clients and your clients’ customers all-in-one place
  • Compliance information of all involved parties is embedded into the transactions
  • Compliance information includes KYC, IDV, ID documentation, POA, AML, KYB and transactional supporting documentation (source of funds, invoices, bill of lading, bank statements etc)
  • Transactions made by the same customer can viewed together,  allowing confirmation that sufficient checks have been carried out throughout the business relationship
  • Ability to collaborate and evidence compliance data to banks, auditors and regulators at a-click of-a-button

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