Innovating Financial Compliance and Payments

Introducing StarLiX

Revolutionizing Compliance and Payment Solutions

StarLiX Token

This novel approach to correspondent banking combines transactional and compliance data with our cutting-edge, closed-loop tokenised payments technology for instant reconciliation and settlement.

StarLiX CaaS

To deliver transparency in multi-layered transactions, StarLiX CaaS (Compliance as a Service) captures and brings together data for all parties in a payment chain. And allocates a unique end to end transaction reference (UETR) to link end users and intermediaries together and provide instant visibility, when required.


Offering expert advice in compliance and software development for Banking as a Service and sophisticated transaction monitoring models.


StarLiX ESG means accountability becomes transparent to all parties on the production rail.  And makes compliance with evolving ESG standards much easier.

Starlix Global Asset Tracker

Where transparency is a strategic imperative, StarLiX Global Asset Tracker creates a secure and permanent digital records of an asset’s origin, characteristics and ownership across its lifetime.

Why choose StarLiX?

StarLiX is ISO20022 compatible

See the whole story every step of the way...

StarLiX provides end to end compliance transparency for transactions and information flows.  And it can be used across a range of market sectors.

Our platform consolidates client compliance data in one place and embeds transaction data so it can be shared with regulators and others as needed.

Our platform provides compliance oversight for multi-layered payment services…

StarLiX provides full transparency on compliance information for all participants in multi-layered payment services, allowing the license holder to manage client and third-party risk. Delivering oversight, for example, on end users in BaaS agent/distributor models.

… and it’s all consolidated into one easy-to-use platform.